Food science & Nutrition Consulting

what Science 2 food bring to you

Science 2 Food is an independent Food Science and Nutrition consulting firm. Its Founder and Senior Consultant, Michel Infantes created Science 2 Food to share his expertise built during 35 years working in Research and Development in Food Industry.

Science 2 Food provide support to Food sector companies in their issues related to ingredients, production processes and product recipes. Science 2 Food take care of scientific, technological, and regulatory aspects.

Science 2 Food goal is to identify best technical solutions when being based on solid scientific foundations. This is to ensure a secure projects environment in terms of intellectual property, regulatory in France, Europe and in all countries in the world.

Thanks to Michel Infantes expertise, who used to manage many R&D projects in big international groups in France and in foreign countries, a strong know how is now available within science 2 Food. This is an asset to engage at the same time, technical and regulatory issues, when considering cultural nuances in all regions of the world.

After a Biological Engineering degree and a Food Science PhD, Michel Infantes worked in Ingredients and process research and then in product development, regulatory affairs, intellectual property, and innovation processes.

years expertise in R&D

Familiar to 20 food disciplines and categories in food R&D

Worked in and for 40 different countries in the World

Our expertise areas

Ingredient functionality knowledge
Strategic support in R&D and Nutrition
Road to market strategy for ingredient and products.
Health and Nutrition product innovation
Expertise sharing (teaching, training)