P.M : Project process teaching

Providing Classes on Project Management at Agroparistech

Michel Infantes, CEO of Science 2 Food, has been providing classes to First and second year strudents at Agroparistech Agronomic and Food Engineer School.

The contents and topics were: different kind of R&D Projects, Innovation and Project management in 2021 and Project management and Creativity process in 2022.

This is a great pleasure and honor to share my experience with engineer students. This could help them to better understand « who does what” in food companies and which are the roles and responsibility of each function in projects and decision processes. My approach is to use a lot of examples to help future engineers to visualize and understand better the processes. 

In the same approach, Michel Infantes, also supported mini projects conducted by students groups on topics related to food, cosmetics or food technologies.

This also provided the opportunity for Science 2 Food to connect with the Technological Hall from Agroparistech and to meet Start-up incubator managers.