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Knowledge of Nutrition and Health claims

Science 2 Food, through is founder, Michel Infantes, has a long track record in Health and Nutrition projects management. In former positions, Michel Infantes, has seen his teams being granted with the first authorization in the category for a health claim on a food product in Europe. That shows that all processes around design, formulation, technology and related scientific proof of the benefit is well known by Science 2 Food. This knowledge is available for your projects in this field.

According to the type of product, food, beverage, food supplement, or even cosmetics, a strategy will be set-up from the beginning or a support on an already launched project will be provided.

Science 2 Food expertise is based on all complementary aspects’ consideration. From the development phase to the launch, many aspects must be considered:

Ingredient responsible for the benefit:

Ingredient responsible for the benefit:

Which element of my product will be the basis of the benefit?
Is that an intrinsic ingredient from a classical raw material (flour, milk,) or is that an added ingredient (Vitamins, Fibers, minerals,.)?
Has my food category legitimacy to bear the benefit through this ingredient? (Calcium from milk compared to calcium in a fruit juice or a cookie)
Is the ingredient directly bringing the benefit in the recipe or is the process modifying this ingredient in a way to provide a benefit?
What is the required level in the product by consumption unit or per 100 g?
What are the conditions for use of this ingredient for human consumption and to get the claim?

Product formulation :

How can I make sure my product will still get a high organoleptic score when being improved for nutrition? (Fat or sugar reduced, fiber enriched, protein or minerals enriched,)
Can we reduce the negative impact of some ingredients on texture and taste of the product? (Particularly through the selection of best ingredient sources and forms)
How to ensure product stability during shelf life after including nutritional ingredients in the recipe? (Unsaturated fats can increase oxidation risk in baking products or fat blooming risks in chocolate-based products)
Can we manage the recipe cost at an acceptable level when adding more expensive functional ingredients?

Product labelling :

What are the mandatory and optional information to provide on the pack label?
What are Health and Nutrition claims authorized to mention on my product pack?
What other information can I show on the product (Natural, Organic,)?

Product monitoring and defense after launch:

For a product bearing health or nutrition claims, it is very important to follow local regulatory rules but also to answer to all potential challenges and questions from local control bodies. Within these local control bodies we have, off course, public administration but also some regulating offices for media (Advertising on TV, Radio, website, leaflets, posters, packs). In this domain, Michel Infantes has been exposed many times. In in career, he had to talk frequently with local regulatory bodies in France, Spain, Italy, United-Kingdom, USA, China and in South America to explain and defend the claims made on products in the market. This expertise in available for you to help in defending our product claims and communication dossiers.

I can also help you with

Strategic support in R&D and Nutrition

As well as R&D program definition. For the last 20 years in Food Industry, Michel Infantes, has been in Director positions. He was part of influencing and deciding people regarding R&D projects and programs for short, middle and long terms. His strategic field covered products innovation, ingredient use as well as scientific and regulatory dossiers elaboration. Therefore, Science 2 Food, being based on consumer and market trends provide an efficient support for innovation strategy particularly in Health and Nutrition field.

Expertise sharing (teaching, training)

Science 2 Food, through the voice of Michel Infantes, offer various learning courses in the field of Food Engineer and PhD applied sciences. For instance, Michel Infantes, has been teaching Innovation, food regulatory, project management and companies processes. Michel Infantes, is also speaker in training sessions dedicated to food companies for technical topics or regulatory items.  Science 2 Food is sitting in Scientific Counsels and Expert committees via his founder, Michel Infantes.

Ingredient functionality knowledge

This applies to product renovation, new product development as well as quality and food safety issues. In the same way, Science 2 Food provide support for food supplements design and launch for ingredients choices, level of incorporation, claims and market registration processes. Finally, for Cosmetics design and launch, biochemistry knowledge of Science 2 Food is a key advantage for recipes set-up and product launches.