Project for Infuséo company

Project for Infuséo company :

Science 2 Food is incredibly happy and proud to be part of Infuséo journey. Infuséo is an infused plant beverage containing herbs and fruits designed by a team based in Rungis close to Paris. This team knows already very well fruits and vegetables as working on fresh delivery of those products.

A range of bottled water containing visible parts of plants or pieces of fruits was launched in 2020. The process enabling product stability is provided by the bottling co-packer who master this technology.

Science 2 Food contribution was to oversee analytic monitoring during shelf life for the nutrient content and microbiological aspects. These data are essential to design Nutritional labelling. Science 2 Food has been also closely checking all regulatory aspect related to packaging and labelling mandatory information.

Plants and fruits were selected based on their taste and known benefits. Science 2 Food helped to fine-tune the communication around plants on the pack.

Moreover, as medicinal plants claims is a complex topic, Science 2 Food provided support on this aspect.