Beverages : alcohol-free cocktails

Support to Ousia Drinks company

Science 2 Food has provided support to Ousia Drink company. This company sale alcohol-free cocktails elaborated with plants.

Convivial, uninhibited and festive: that’s what Stella and Guillaume, the 2 co-founders see as “aperitif” definition. They are both proud for having created the first Range of French alcohol-free cocktails providing a strong consumption experience. No issue with alcohol without compromise on taste, quality and elegance.

Product are sold in nice glass bottles showing visible cocktails by transparency and with color-full labeling.

A range of 4 Product is now available :

Spritz, Rumcito, G&Tonic et Green Spirit.

Michel Infantes, leader of Science 2 Food, a provides help on answering few questions and checking the labelling. This was to make sure that labels were in conformity with current regulation.