Clean labelling and fat reduction solutions

Presentation to Food companies

Science 2 Food provide support to food companies through its founder activity as part of the Experts committee of Vitagora.

Vitagora is a « competitivity pole”, a structure created by French administration to enhance research and development collaboration between public and private sector in industry. For food Industry, Vitagora take care of the Burgundy-Alps region. Vitagora offer to its members a range of services for innovation and problem solving.

For Science 2 Food, mission can include coaching for start-ups, consultancy on clearly defined heavy projects on food areas such as beverages, cheese, bakery products and functional ingredients.

Another area of intervention for Michel Infantes, CEO of Science 2 Food, is to provides summary and presentation on ingredients, formulation and regulatory topics to food companies.

In this field, A « Fat reduction » workshop was provided in 2021 and a specific session around “Clean Labelling solution” was organized in March 2022 where Michel Infantes presented to a group of food companies from Burgundy region. In this presentation, natural replacement solutions for emulsifiers, artificial flavors, gelling agents and animal proteins were presented to a group of 15 companies from the Burgundy area coming from sectors such as cheesemaking, wine and spirits, nutritional ready to eat meals, beverages, ingredients.