Work on food additive with Labiocrac

Regulatory Check for additive

During 2019 and 2020, Science 2 Food has been involved in a project with the Labiocrac Company. This company is located in the North Part of France.
LABIOCRAC is working on simple and efficient processes of vegetal biomass valorization. The goal is to extract molecules of interest for the industry coming with functional properties.

François Rolin-Maarouf, boss of Labiocrac and his team are developing innovating solutions for the food industry.

For instance, natural ingredients extracted from beetroots pomace were evaluated by Science 2 Food. Science 2 Food Analysis and additional answers provided by European Community on the regulatory part were key to confirm the status of one ingredient. This ingredient has been confirmed as a food additive. In a second step, Science 2 Food has been involved on strategic brainstorming about potential use and application of this ingredient.

Now, the projects has ended, but Science 2 Food and Labiocrac are still in frequent and regular contacts to share news and information.