Food diversification

Project with Dalipo Company :

Science 2 Food has been working with Dalipo company. Dalipo design products for babies. The 2 co-founders share a passion for nutrition and are both young mothers.

They decided to address food diversification to help parents to get simple nutritional food landmarks and to understand why food is so important in baby health build-up.

Dalipo’s goals is to work on small kids’ food diversification by introducing allergens progressively.

Baby nutrition during the 1000 first days is a key determinant of baby health quality. The 2 co-founders of Dalipo invented the concept of positive food diversification. This aim to:

  • Answer specific baby’s nutritional needs.
  • Develop healthy and sustainable food habits.
  • Nourish baby’s Gut microbiota.


Science 2 Food met Dalipo startup in the frame of Food’Inn Lab, an incubator from AgroParistech.  Then, we have been collaborating in a specific project.