Rennet Granday Group

Support to Granday group :

Since 2021, Science 2 food works with Laboratoires Abia. Laboratoire Abia are part of the Granday group based in Burgundy at Meursault. Laboratoires Abia are the first French historical producer of traditional rennet. Granday Group set-up and sale high standard rennet for all type of cheese technologies. Science 2 Food provide support to Laboratoire Abia on specific topics and will follow working on projects in 2023.

All the rennet products from Granday are coming from natural origin raw material. Rennet is extracted from young ruminant’s abomasum. They contain only enzymes (chymosin, pepsin) naturally extracted from rennet-bags.

Rennet’s principle of action rely on a proteolytic digestive enzyme : chymosin. Chymosin function is to coagulate milk in young animal stomach to ease digestibility and absorption.

A cheesemaker will use it to coagulate milk in tanks to produce cheese. After starting to eat grass the young animal stop producing chymosin. Another nonspecific enzyme, pepsin, is then produced.

Chymosin targets a specific fraction from milk proteins (Kappa caseins) and destroy them. This induces a structural destabilization of milk network. Then casein coagulate interacting with calcium phosphate contained in milk.

Granday group provide also commercial solution for lactic ferments, ripening ferments. The Beaun’épices department proposes mixes to food industry made of spices, fruits and herbs.