Coffee grounds

Project: Revive Eco

Revive Eco is a young company working on coffee grounds recycling. Based in Scotland, The Revive Team works on giving new life to abandoned materials, creating a waste free world.

As collectors and creators, they find new possibilities in old problems, redefining waste to reimagine our future.

They don’t believe in landfill. They find beauty in decay, innovating high value products and ingredients that contribute to a happier planet.

Every day we are forced to use ingredients that have a devastating environmental impact. Simply because there is no alternative. Palm oil is one such ingredient. Commonly used in our cosmetics and food and drink, it is a key driver behind deforestation.

Revive Eco has a found a solution, and it comes from your daily cup of coffee.

Coffee grounds are rich in fat components (17%). This oil is extracted and used in skin care products.

The Revive team is a group of like-minded individuals with a wide range of skills and experience, coming together for a common goal!

Science 2 Food had the opportunity to work with Revive Eco on a specific project.