Hemp based foods

Hemp products

We are seeing more and more products based on common hemp (Cannabis sativa) in its THC-free version (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the most studied cannabinoid). European law authorises the use of Hemp Seed and its derivatives (flour, oil). Of course, hemp sources must have lower levels of T.H.C. than the standards to be marketed (3mg/kg for seeds and derived products and 7.5mg/kg for hemp oil). Products on the market that can be used to make foods or substrates based on hemp seeds are compliant. There are examples of fermented hemp seed products in Europe.

This is the case for some desserts that are substitutes for dairy products, and Tempeh fermented on hemp instead of soy.

Among the companies working on the benefits of hemp, AuraLip stands out for its approach. Science 2 Food is pleased to collaborate with AuraLip on specific projects.

AuraLiP is a young and dynamic startup that focuses on the use of deep tech to offer new healthy and environmentally friendly food ingredients. AuraLip believe that food must be a driver of change for a more sustainable future. This is why they are proud to produce high quality proteins, from a plant naturally rich in proteins: hemp, sublimated by our 100% natural production.