Sprouted Grains

SPROUTED GRAINS : support to Déshyderata Company

Science 2 Food has provided a quick support to Déshyderata company. Deshyderata company elaborates dehydrated sprouted grains. Déshyderata founder, Helène Butat, has started to develop sprouted grains from cereals and beans. Science 2 Food has provided support on the nutritional aspects of sprouted grains.

Sprouted grains are a very interesting source of nutrients. They are well known for their rich content in nutrients and a good bioavailability.

Furthermore, when sprouted grains are dehydrated on a soft way, they keep all nutritional quality and become very convenient to use in food.

Sprouted grains can be sprinkled on dishes or mixed. Yoghurts, salads, cooked vegetables are good supports for sprouted grains.

Science 2 Food has provided support and advices on an overall manner on the project.