Ingredient functionality knowledge

La fonctionnalité des ingredients science 2 food

Food ingredient behavior

Science 2 Food take advantage from Michel Infantes expertise built during long years of research on functional ingredients and their behavior in food products during processing and shelf-life. During product development, ingredient induced issues leading to texture, taste, incorporation, and solubility issues have been frequently solved by Michel Infantes. For instance, in bakery products, insoluble fibers incorporation can generate hardness in doughs and finish products without the right type of Fibers. Fiber’s functionality can change dramatically from one type to another depending on origin, ingredient form, pre-treatment, and level of incorporation. In the same way, protein incorporation in chocolate products, cookies or nutrition bars could lead to texture, taste, after-taste, and solubility issues. A last example is gums and texturizing agents incorporation in solid or liquid product for various objectives such as fat or sugar reduction. These polymers, often from plant source, behave in a particular way which requires Science 2 Food expertise.

Ingredient regulation and claims.

  • Michel Infantes, Science 2 Food founder, has been involved in the last 20 years, with his former teams in claims and regulatory projects, when at the same time European regulation on food nutrition and health claims was taking shape. He has been learning about American, Canadian, Brazilian, Chinese food regulations as well as following the rules in various other countries. These has permitted to overcome many hurdles linked to regulatory in full compliance to law, to get approval from competent authorities for ingredient and product claims. For instance, nutrition and health claims were granted for Beta-glucans (oat fibers), slowly digestible starch and Omega 3 fatty acids.

    Science 2 Food has led projects to help companies in their ingredient valorization. This kind of ingredient is extracted from plant raw material. Science 2 Food has demonstrated that this ingredient was not a Novel Food and was fully included within a processing aid or additive class.

    Today new ingredients are incorporated into human diet. These ingredients such as insects, algae, mushrooms, fermentation byproducts, synthetic molecules, enzymatic digestion extracts, can be source of many questions:

Can we use them in human food ?
What is the process to get the authorization to use them in human food ?
Is there any forbidden process to get them ?
What will be their labelling name ?
What is the maximum level allowed for recipe incorporation ?
Is there any allergenicity issues ?
Can we sale these ingredients as such?
Can we use these ingredients in food supplements or cosmetics ?
Are they any precaution or recommendation for use ?

Science 2 Food is there to answer to all these questions. Through a strong knowledge of laws, processes, and road to follow to get information, Michel Infantes, who has practiced these issues many times, offer to save time in problem solving.

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Road to market strategy for ingredient and products

According to each context and market for ingredients and products, Science 2 Food build a plan from ingredient sourcing (origin, synthesis, extraction) to the delivery on the market. This refer both to single ingredient sold on the market and to ingredients contained in a final product. Along the process, Science 2 Food, make sure all parameters are safe to secure ingredients use in products and related claims.

Health and Nutrition product innovation

For most of his career, Michel Infantes, founder of Science 2 Food, has been managing scientific and technical teams. These teams were specialized in Research, Development, Nutrition, Knowledge management, Intellectual property, Scientific and Regulatory affairs. Michel Infantes has always been working in interaction with Marketing, Innovation teams, Consumer intelligence and Consumer sciences departments. Health and Nutrition aspects have been on everyday tasks managed by Michel Infantes. That’s why, at the beginning of a project, Science 2 Food elaborates a quick action plan to help its partners to move ahead in the best way for their innovation projects.

Strategic support in R&D and Nutrition

As well as R&D program definition. For the last 20 years in Food Industry, Michel Infantes, has been in Director positions. He was part of influencing and deciding people regarding R&D projects and programs for short, middle and long terms. His strategic field covered products innovation, ingredient use as well as scientific and regulatory dossiers elaboration. Therefore, Science 2 Food, being based on consumer and market trends provide an efficient support for innovation strategy particularly in Health and Nutrition field.