Spent Yeast

Project with Onima company

Onima company proposes spent yeast from the brewery industry. These inactivated yeasts are rich in proteins. Brewery yeasts are collected after beer fabrication process and are going through a debittering step before being prepared in a minimal processed way to provide a rich super-ingredient. They have a high content in proteins (50-60%) with a complete amino acid profile and are rich in fibers, minerals, and vitamins.

The Onima ingredient is naturally rich in a “meaty” and savory umami taste. Coming with highly competitive price achieved through scalable processes this is a complete alternative to animal proteins through circular sourcing and minimal processing.

Onima inactivated yeasts can be used in meat analogs, plant-based preparations, sport nutrition, medical nutrition, bakery, and pet food.

 Science 2 Food has been working with Onima on a specific project. This has been the opportunity to go through the valorization process of this very interesting brewery industry by-product.