Road to market approach for new ingredients

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What is a new ingredient?

One ingredient can be new for various reasons:

  • It can be new in a geographic area when being already know and commonly used in other part of the world. For instance, Insect proteins in Europe were new before their development in the last years.
  • It can be recently extracted from an animal, a plant or a mineral source and its usage in food is not known. For instance, marine collagen before its first industrial use in food supplements or hemicelluloses before first use in food recipes.
  • It can be obtained by chemical or enzymatic synthesis. For instance, aspartame before large usage in food industry.
  • This can be a microorganism (like ferment) or an enzyme (amylase, protease

How can we use this new ingredient?

When being in front of such ingredient, one first concern is about the way to bring it to market and what is the process to follow. Science 2 Food is there to help for clarification and answering the upcoming questions:

Is this ingredient allowed in human food?
Can I sale it as such or in a finish product?
Is that a classical ingredient or shall we engage a process to make it approved?
Is that an additive and what is the process to make it recognize as such?
Is that a processing aid and what is the process to make it recognize as such?
Is there a need to start a Novel Food process?
Can I use this ingredient in a cosmetic preparation?
Can I use this ingredient in a food supplement?
What are the studies needed for validation of this ingredient (Toxicity, Stability, clinical effect)?
In which shelf and in which kind of outlet will be placed this product?
How will this ingredient be labelled on pack in France, Europe, USA and elsewhere in the world?

Science 2 Food assets:

Through his knowledge of various markets and regulatory environment, Michel Infantes and his agency Science 2 Food provide a support to answer these questions.

A major asset of Science 2 Food is that Michel Infantes, its founder, has a multiple expertise in biochemistry, microbiology, recipe formulation, food process, nutrition, Scientific and regulatory affairs.

This is of first importance to understand how the ingredient is produced, what is the biochemical nature, what are the similar molecules and ingredients already used. This is key when you want to know if scientific studies, articles on this ingredient are reliable and of good quality. Finally, this allows an easier elaboration of strategies for regulatory dossiers and authorization in the market.

In few cases, it will be quick and easy to link the ingredient with another one already validated and allowed for use. This can be done by providing the proof of analogy. But in most cases the process will be long and difficult to demonstrate that this ingredient is already consumed by human being for a long time without any toxicity or allergy issues.

If a specific template, an official document request or a Scientific or regulatory dossier is needed, Science 2 Food, will help you or make it for you.

After long years spent at looking into food regulatory statements in Europe and many countries, Michel Infantes has built a quick and efficient approach to find answers and ask questions to the right people.

I can also help you with


For most of his career, Michel Infantes, founder of Science 2 Food, has been managing scientific and technical teams. These teams were specialized in Research, Development, Nutrition, Knowledge management, Intellectual property, Scientific and Regulatory affairs. Michel Infantes has always been working in interaction with Marketing, Innovation teams, Consumer intelligence and Consumer sciences departments. Health and Nutrition aspects have been on everyday tasks managed by Michel Infantes. That’s why, at the beginning of a project, Science 2 Food elaborates a quick action plan to help its partners to move ahead in the best way for their innovation projects.


This applies to product renovation, new product development as well as quality and food safety issues. In the same way, Science 2 Food provide support for food supplements design and launch for ingredients choices, level of incorporation, claims and market registration processes. Finally, for Cosmetics design and launch, biochemistry knowledge of Science 2 Food is a key advantage for recipes set-up and product launches.


Science 2 Food, through the voice of Michel Infantes, offer various learning courses in the field of Food Engineer and PhD applied sciences. For instance, Michel Infantes, has been teaching Innovation, food regulatory, project management and companies processes. Michel Infantes, is also speaker in training sessions dedicated to food companies for technical topics or regulatory items.  Science 2 Food is sitting in Scientific Counsels and Expert committees via his founder, Michel Infantes.