Botanic and plant knowledge competency

Botanical Studies

A new competency for Science 2 Food. Michel Infantes, its founder, succeeded in final examination of Botanic. This came after 2 years studies at Paris School for Plants (Ecole des Plantes de Paris). Exams were about recognizing 50 fresh plants on the field and answering to theoretical questionary on plant physiology, taxonomy and botanic.

Next steps are the constitution of an herbarium and the writing of a report on a specific plant and its properties.  After that, Michel Infantes will officially get the title of Botanist.

Thanks to its network, in Botanic School, Michel Infantes can get all the summaries on medicinal properties of plants.

This new knowledge is a real asset for Science 2 Food to help companies in their projects regarding food or ingredient development based on plants and to secure regulatory aspects linked to plant benefits claims