Sustainable Diet

Scientific committee member of a sustainable diet project

Michel Infantes, Founder of Science 2 Food, has been part of SCUBE Group scientific committee.

The SCUBE organization is located in Saclay Scientific and technical development area close to Paris. SCUBE’s goal is to share scientific knowledge with the largest public.
The main objectives are to:

  • Favor science and technology access to everybody and particularly for young people through an experimental approach.
  • Contribute to Innovation and scientific research works conducted at Paris-Saclay,
  • Create meeting spaces for research and innovation discussions moment including societal considerations.
  • Provide scientific mediation capabilities.


Science 2 Food was chosen to work on the topic of “sustainable diet”.

In this aspect, as food industry representative, Michel Infantes, participated to scientific committee debates and to SCUBE team strategy and work definition. Based on this guidance, the SCUBE team developed pedagogic tools on Sustainable food systems for kids.